Foldable Bicycles: How Real Today?

Perhaps you’d enjoy such a thing? Consider the following: not from the Twilight Zone, but for your approval: folding bikes. Seen any lately? At Yanko, we’ve had several. Lots of them have parallel features, the most common being the amount of collapsing the bike does. With this most recent inception into the folding hall, the “Antares Lift,” we get front stem, handle bars, seat, and back wheel, all folding up into the bike.

Above: “Antares Lift” by Hideki Kawata. It’s folded shape is inspired by a tear drop and an orchid leaf. Single-speed drive, LED lights. To fold the bike: lift up center latch and let the wheels roll together to click.

Entered and logged…

In no particular order, the Yanko Bike Folding Archive!

GrassHopper The Folding Recumbent Bike : 96 x 60 x 70 cm at it’s smallest size. GrassHopper The Folding Recumbent Bike

A-Bike : Weight: 5.5 kg, folding time: 10 seconds, enclosed chain system (it’s like a secret bonus!) : A-Bike – Folding Bicycle by Daka Design

GrassHopper (electric) : This version is an electric bike that can be folded down as well as charged, for those times when pedaling is crappy : This Grasshopper Folds and Generates Electricity

One : Statisticless but rendered in a way that makes the bike appear (basically) intuitive : maybe the lightest of the bunch? : ‘One’ – Folding Bicycle by Thomas Owen

Fold much? How close are any of these to a functional design that you’d be unable to resist? What do you look for in a folding bike? Is it really necessary to fold a bike in an environment that’s been built to cater to bikes nearly everywhere? Where will I put my folded bike once I’ve brought it into the office?

All these questions for the folded few. Bike on.

Designer: Multiple Designers. Click each picture for more info.


  • I’m in love with the IF Mode by Pacific Cycles…

  • Carl says:

    never seen a folding bike that looks good either when used or folded.

  • Paul says:

    After working in a bike shop for many years and riding many variations, most concepts I see I just cant imagine lasting long at all, which is a shame.
    Dahon, Brompton ect have had a good go but still suffer after time.
    I rode the A-bike, was impossible to ride. coulden’t even sell it 75% off in Brighton (very bike forward city (UK)).

  • Migo says:

    There are many foldable bikes out on the market. Ever seen a Dahon?

  • M.S.W. says:

    The designer of “Antares” and “One” should join up and combine the folding mechanism of “One” with the wheel size of “Antares”.

    Since any one whom has riden most foldable bikes those tiny little wheels take a whole lot of pedaling to move. Which is the primary drawback of the original “One” design.

    The primary drawback to the original “Antares” design is that it’s folded mode is not much more compact then just unbolting a standard bikes wheel and turning the fork around inwards.

  • Paul in the UK: have you ever seen the folding bikes made by Montague? They’re extremely durable. Among the best known of Montague’s products are the Paratrooper. Here’s a link with more info…

    Yanko: why did you leave the IF Mode out? This bike just won the iF international design award and the MODE is in production NOW. Here’s more on the MODE…

    • Chris Burns says:

      First, it’s a list of bikes Yanko has already reported on. Second, Yanko is primarily for conceptual work

    • Paul says:

      Hello, the Montague dose actually look quite solid, I have not ridden one (or the Mode) but the linkage is similar to the old Klein fullsus, and would handle the stresses better as it doesn’t have to deal with so much frame twist buy the looks.

      • Paratrooper Folding Bike
        The design of the Montague folding bike is rock solid with no noticeable frame twist. I’ve ridden Montague’s on and off pavement as well as on slick rock mountain trails. More importantly, the US military special forces have used the Paratrooper on the field of battle in a variety of theaters (Kosovo, Afghanistan, etc).
        Paratrooper link:

        IF MODE
        As to the IF MODE, I’ll let you know when I get them in May.
        MODE link:

  • Jessica says:

    It does seem like a foldable bicycle is a product that many industrial designers have to take a whack at in some point in their career. However, most seem to take the Yanko Design tag line, “Form Beyond Function” a bit too much to heart in their attempts. Most end up being somewhat interesting design studies but entirely impractical from a functional or manufacturing standpoint. Conceptual work is great, if some actual product insights are gained. Otherwise, its not really design, just fanciful artwork.

  • Viktor says:

    My STRIDA is much better, than all these.

  • BigJohns says:

    all models looks pretty cool!!! but the better its the green.

  • Bagels says:

    Stridas ride terrrrribbblllyyy.

    They are incredibly wobbly and unstable. One has the tendency to look like a goon when riding one too.

    • Viktor says:

      The triangle is wobbly and unstable? You live on the moon, or you know the first thing about the physics? 😛

  • redhat says:

    So cool, I like it!Then designers are so awesome!
    Here I also have a good share:
    there are many kinds of beautiful and useful electronic product that I like it very much!

  • Barbara says:

    Has Anyonne heard of a folding bicycle “WEI QIU” W.Q.B. Goldrunner ? Found one, is it worth buying?

  • Great designs …. The designers are awesomely talented.

  • rodrigo says:

    The IF Mode is the best folding bike in the world:

  • rodrigo says:

    The IF Mode is the best folding bike in the world:

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