Air Dried And Bacteria Free!

One of the best and hygienic ways of drying the dishes is airing them. Nothing like some good old sunrays to do the job! Stackable Cups encourages this habit by featuring four projections that allow the water to drain out completely, when you stack glasses one-on-top-of-the-other. Stacked wet glasses generally stick to each other and pulling them apart can get tricky; so this design kinda resolves that issue too. Moreover, they make the set look kitsch!

Patent pending: 30-2010-0009971

Designers: Seung Jun Jeong & Seo Young Moon

Stackable Cups by Seung Jun Jeong & Seo Young Moon



  • reality says:

    or you could use a tea towl and dry them properly.

    • hils says:

      Do you wash your tea towels in the same machine as your under ware?
      tea towels are breeding grounds for germs, even clean ones.

      love the design, they are so cute!

  • Eli says:

    As you can see in the picture the cup on the bottom has water actually sealing it and it will not dry properly.

    What if you added a nub or divot of some sort to the edge of each cup so that the one on the bottom could dry properly too.

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