Bring Luck

There are bowls that cannot be used because of small defects. And there are people around us that need these bowls. Bring Luck was made to make these bowls usable for people who need them, with a little birdie. By sticking the product onto the cracked areas, the bowls can be used even more usefully than new ones.

Designers: Huh Ka-young & Choi Jin-ah

[youtube: 600 451]


  • mroh11 says:

    ???????????? i am very confused by the need for this particular product, and the video did not help me, even though i do know korean. as far as i can tell its more of a decoration? something cute, but in my opinion creates something that draws the users attention to that particular spot and obstructs handling some. or can the bird be used as a handle. and how do these fit on various dishes or just the ones they are already fitted to?

  • 我觉得用这个夹子可以夹很烫的盘子

  • Safiyyah says:

    The base idea is very good, however I don't think a cute little bird is the answer to fixing cracks in bowls. Maybe the base of the bird should create an airtight seal that could fit over any crack on any area of a bowl, instead of just covering the edge loosely.

  • Joeie says:

    Wow I must confess you make some very tnrehcant points.

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