A Wino’s Wet Dream

The Sonic Decanter is unlike any other, using safe but effective ultrasonic energy to make every wine better! The patented ultrasonic technology transforms the molecular and chemical structure of the wine even with the cork in-tact. It generates not just the same effect as a traditional decanter, but even better results by fine-tuning the frequencies to perfectly decant each type of wine whether it be rose or sauvignon blanc. Use the smartphone app to select your preference and let it do all the work! Jump to the vid —>

Designer: Sonic Decanter


  • zippyflounder says:

    Hi folks I am part of the design and engineering team on this product. I was at first a skeptic, but it really does work as described. Yahoo did a independent test, as have many others. I hope you pass this info around to your wine loving friends and support their kickstarter launch. I want to thank Tak,Radhika and the rest of the Yanko crew for doing this shout out.


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