Scarab is Small, Scarab is Fast, Scarab is Hot

Think hand-held pocket bikes! Mini Cooper small edition! Smart Car ant size! All of these are just basically giants compared to the hot insect-style transport. It is called the Scarab. It’s got multiple driving modes: fast to slow, perfect park mode, sensors, Lidar, radar, transponders, GPS, guns, knives, sharp sticks!

WHOA before we go any further: I got carried away there. No guns or knives allowed. But If you ask nicely, you can probably bring your sharp sticks.

A designer by the name of David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves presents the Scarab:

The aim of this project was to develop guidelines and a holistic solution for a new system of urban transport, composed of vehicle and infrastructure, in a sustainable way and adaptable to various urban environments.

And the specs for the potential vehicle:

-The vehicle is composed of interchangeable modules that can be customized.
-Powerpack module composed of a permanent battery plus 3 options for the main energy pack (battery, biofuel ICE or a fuel cell).
-4 wheel drive through electric brushless in-wheel motors with directdrive.
-Wheels with regenerative braking through EW Brakes.
-Drive by wire and tactile HUD embedded in the Lexan canopy.
-Structural elements in Carbon-Aramid composite.
-Embedded sensors, Lidar, radar, transponders, GPS. These serve to exchange information with the system, with other drivers and to have precise location data.
-Renting of the vehicle or modules that allows for a private/public/mixed utilization and transport access for people with less financial resources.
-Doesn’t need new infrastructures.
-Is backward compatible with current transport systems and uses current day technologies.

Of course this calls to mind the film “Minority Report,” as most conceptual vehicles and weapons do. But beyond that, this doesn’t seem too far away from reality. In many ways superior to the motorcycle: size for stability, cover from the elements, storage space, and since it would be a “brand new amazing thing,” a million billion of them would be produced, so they’d be pretty much free, right?


Designer: David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves


  • Henrique Staino says:

    Really nice!

    But the future of transportation lies within bicycles and public transport. Any individual means other than bikes will eventually fail.

  • Noah says:

    Now that’s more like it! I’ve been thinking of these things before they ever existed in this site. Can you imagine a whole fleet of these set up at people’s doorsteps as a form of public trasportation? They can even fold up like I thought would be great for storage.

  • KwangErn says:

    Sweet~ now I wonder how comfortable are they…

  • Daniel says:

    This is a total rip of Doraemon manga’s idea. “Doraemon: Nobita’s Adventure in Clockwork City” shows the exact same car idea for a universe where all humanity become depend on a personal vehicle just like this one.

  • mumin says:

    scared arab?

    • Alya says:

      Instead of analyzing words incorrectly, try reading the dictionary..
      S C A R A B is a beetle which was held sacred by the ancient Egyptians. The word is also used on any representation of this beetle.

  • Thrystan says:

    Is it just or most vehicle concepts revealed lately come with a system that allows them to occupy less space when parking?

    • Henrique Staino says:

      well, it’s logical, isn’t it? It maybe a new paradigm of vehicles design..

  • Eric says:

    The first comment sucks hard. They obviously have no idea what the future of public transportation COULD be. Who says a 1 or 2 seat vehicle cant be apart of a larger computer controlled, super efficient public system? It would be much more convenient to go directly to my destination, than compromise with a few hundred other people on somewhere nearby…DUH!

    • Henrique Staino says:

      Have you ever been stuck in traffic? Or better:
      Never got late to your ballet classes because you mom’s car was stuck in traffic? The problem with transportation, besides pollution is SPACE. Want door-to-door transport? Use a bike and lose that fat belly.

      • Ja says:

        A bike in a lot of cases isn’t a viable solution in a lot of cases, just because it’s a great mode of transportation doesn’t mean that it can be used in all cases, also no matter the cost people will still use individual transportation, super-efficient computerized or not

        • Henrique Staino says:

          I’m aware of that. That’s why I mentioned public transport. Do you think this kind of individual transportation would fit in China 20 years from now? Me neither.

          • Eric says:

            Who said this was made for China? To clarify your stupidity: Personal transport means people have the freedom to go wherever they want whenever they want. What my fist comment says is that this COULD BE a form of public transportation through the use of an efficient, computer controlled traffic managing system. That means no traffic idiot. Go read a book smarty and get off this site. Work on your own belly fat issues ballet dancer…

  • powers says:

    Yeah, I’d drive this! With one exception being the misconception that complex tilting systems such as this provide some sort significant handling benefits compared with a more traditional suspension. Get rid of that and I’m in!

    • Vincent says:

      It’s high, and with a relatively narrow wheel base… Wouldn’t that make it prone to flipping onto its side without the tilting at significant speeds?

      • Eric says:

        Agreed, I don’t think of that as a misconception at all. It seems entirely logical the unit would flip without the tilt. If you didn’t tilt the car, you would have to angle the street on every corner. Which seems more complex- Redo all roads it’s to be used on, or redo the suspension so its combined with a tilt?

  • Vincent says:

    Are you always this angry on the internet?? Would a little civility kill you?

    Anyway, there are lots of situations in which bikes aren’t viable. Like snow, for one. (Not that this looks terribly snow-ready, but still.) Rural environments are another, or rain. Biking in the rain sucks, especially if you’re trying to look presentable when you arrive.

    Something like this could be integrated into a public transit system. Maybe used to get to the large transit hubs from outlying areas?

  • ben says:

    Another designer takes a stab at designing a fantastic car with no engines. This is not news

  • David says:

    I’ve seen everyone’s comments, thanks a lot.
    The Scarab is just an idea, a concept that derived from guidelines of a research for my Master thesis. What you see here is not the relevant part, it is just a design direction, without the scientific data supporting it (I cannot fully disclose that part). And if it answered all the needs and problems, it wouldn’t just be on yankodesign, it would be on the streets, working, with some automotive brand supporting it.

    For additional information and video you can check the url:

    David Gonçalves

  • Esau says:


  • david says:

    There’s already a Scarab. Wonder if a lawsuit might happen here?

  • Kevin Chou says:

    It’s a really great idea.
    Could I introduce this product in my blog?

  • bailey says:

    This is so cool and how much is it going for

  • Md faizal Md Thah says:

    i had never seen this before.!!! It was very nice.

  • Anjii says:

    Brilliance for free; your parents must be a sweteehrat and a certified genius.

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