The Most Hipsterest Lamp Ever!

The Cassette lamp harkens back to a time when hair bands ruled and acid wash jeans were all the rave. Bringing new life to the iconic object, tapes are bound together, repurposed as shades. No two are alike! Even cooler, this lamp is just one of many items in a project called Cassette is Not Dead — Don’t know what to do with your old tapes but can’t seem to let them go?! Send them HERE and get back a hand-crafted gift made of your cassettes!

Designer: OOO My Design


  • incredible creativity …great job

  • Esther says:

    Awesome, amazing,howuch is it?

  • James says:

    Rather expensive for something with a little ingenuity I could make myself. But as a novelty retro item it is rather cool. I would like to ask though what is the bulb Wattage limit? As 60+ Watt bulbs could easily melt the cassette plastic and even catch the reels on fire. I have experienced this with other plastics first hand. I would assume it would be a very low Watt bulb that has to be used or even LEDs inside. But a low Watt bulb may not produce enough light through it to create anymore than a low ambient effect. Have these issues been addressed at all? I would assume so but would like to ask.

  • Christoph says:

    Very cool lamps! Do you know the Cassette Tape Dispenser …

  • kimminseong says:

    good job

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