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Water has never looked so good. When water bottlers Fine Japon decided to offer up a new bottle design, they recruited one of the heavy hitters of industrial design and packaging, Karim Rashid. Impressed by his work with luxury designer fragrance brands like Issey Miyake, Kenzo and Prada, Fine Japon was set on creating an inspired marriage of design, functionality and product. After two years of collaboration, they have finally launched their limited edition final bottle design. Evoking sensual pushbuttons with a sexually ambiguous phallic silhouette, this ergonomic bottle is easily more alluring than Voss Water’s glass tube baton.

Designer: Karim Rashid [ Via: Jean Snow ]


  • EMAN says:

    not bad no good ,but the designer is so cool

  • stephen says:

    cap looks a bit big for my tastes (had a similar experience with some similarly-arty bottle-design in paris).

  • atomicforce says:

    Looks like body fragrance for females 😉 but I like it

  • AG says:

    He should get a job cutting hair in a salon on the New Jersey shore.

    There you are people… you demanded it… and you created this guy.
    He is a physical example of just what you demand more of.

    Again, you do realize this is NOT design, just twelve seconds and a sketchpad. No problem solving, nothing new.

  • Scilly Guy says:

    You’re right AG this is not Product design, not IMO, I would say this is Fashion, another aventue of design.

  • Brian says:

    It’s definitely industrial design though I would have to say I’m tired of seeing that same hourglass form on a lot of what he does. Someone should wake up to the fact that his products and packaging are of excessively poor quality from the Method dish soaps that leak from the spit valve in the bottom to the Umbra chairs that will cut the user around the parting lines of the mold.

  • Adm G says:

    No no no, I don’t want my water to look like this. Looks more like a waist of materials. To me water is simple and void of extra design elements like that huge cap. Looks more like perfume.

    The two images paired together seem like a joke. Is it a joke??

    • AG says:

      Adm G,

      Unfortunately this is not a joke.

      This is one of the non-designers that is ruining the perception and value of Industrial/Product Design for the rest of the world.

      Shit on a plate and call it design. Wear stupid glasses and look in the mirror.

  • magic_fan says:

    stupid comes to mind… a company actually paid ransom for this design? are there employees stupid enough to have not come up with a simple design? I think people have waaaay to much money to even pay for this type of product. Water is what it is… keeps us alive, simple and a necessity. not some laced up product you sell for the price of a car!!

  • Rying says:

    My favourite water bottle is designed by Ross Lovegrove. You can see it here http://mocoloco.com/archives/003139.php

  • jin woo han says:

    I think he earn money easily

  • Pixo says:

    Rashid should go and get a life. You didn’t even have to show the product. Everyone knows his design vocabulary. He only has one. The damn peanut shape. Just slice and dice it differently and you have a candle holder, a chair, a salt and peper shaker, a light, etc. and now a bottle.

    He is the most untalented designer I have ever seen at this level. All he is good at is self promotion. It is us the people and the damn media who make these types of people (no talent, just an act).

  • Achraf says:

    jolie travail Karim mais je me demande s’il a des travaux graphique

  • Silence Dogood says:

    I actually kind of like the design. What I dislike is that it took this ‘designer’ two years to make something that was made by the back to the future movie props department in a couple weeks tops. Google: back to the future pepsi

  • p says:

    AHH! thank you Rying, i’m glad someone else recognizes the genius of Ross Lovegrove. While Karim’s style of design is controversial, I do believe it has it’s place, although yeah….this particular specimen can’t be one of his prouder moments. But I often see Lovegrove as a matured and more considerate version of Karim. Most of his work is purely aesthetic driven, but extremely detail oriented, visuo-spatially groundbreaking, and VERY alluring. But at least Karim hasn’t renounced Industrial Design entirely after designing a lifetime of materialistic crap like someone I know…

  • dh says:

    to simple

  • 蓝调 says:


  • 蓝调 says:


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