No-Holes Wall Hanging

The Magnektik hanging system is based on unique magnetic units that hold up to a whopping 220 pounds! This allows heavy items like televisions, shelving and artwork to hang without slipping and without causing damage to the wall. The system works by grasping to a series of thin, decorative metal panels glue to the wall and installed in a visible or invisible manner. The resulting a clean look with hanging ability you can count on. Vid after the jump!

Designer: Magnektik


  • Tom says:

    How do they manage to penetrate the layers of wallpaper to get a good bond with the wall? Seems like the stress impacted on a small fraction of the wall would rip thinner walls apart. Also in what direction are the 110 kg of pull considered? If I have a child that hangs on the front part of a shelfing unit it surely creates more torque hen 110 kg.

    Interesting but I am not convinced.

  • Erez says:

    The Sheet metal panels are glued upon the walls’ surface. Then we usually paint it so it would get the same wall color.
    That’s why there isn’t a lot of distance between the metal and the magnetic back.

    As for the pulling power, it relates to the center of the center of the Magnektik when pulling it down.

    As you mentioned, object that are far from the wall (like a shelf’s end) “need” more power. that’s why we use larger models when attached to wooden shelves. We installed the system on many houses (including, of course, ours:) and safety comes first. By the way, I’m not too sure that if a kid will hang on a front of a regular shelf, the whole unit will not fall .

  • Pieter says:

    Great idea! Wouldn’t trust hanging my tv that way though 🙂

  • Chou-Tac says:

    Would love having this at home ! 🙂 So simple and so great.

  • Michael Lewis says:

    Where can an individual purchase this product?

  • naser says:

    im interested in this product/system.
    how to order it or purchase it?


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