All Terrain Robot Goes Where No Man Dares

Let me give this to you straight…. not all of us are Edmund Hillary to climb high mountains and neither are we adept enough to traverse every nook and crevice to gather data for research. Carbon Emissions and greenhouse gases are environmental issues that keep hounding us. We need to monitor our glaciers in order to predict our eco-future. Tribot offers a safe alternative to keeping a tab on them and researchers can catch the action from a secure distance.

The Tribot is agile and resourceful thanks to the tetrahedral geometry applied to its construction. It relies on the shifting its balance points to move ahead. In essence there is no up-down or left-right for this bot. Since the sides of the tetrahedron are varied, the balance-point shifts and the Tribot tilts to the side and hence moves forth.

Armed with highly specialized sensors, Tribot collects data from the glaciers and research teams work on this info to predict future climatic changes.

Designers: Jonathan Herrle, Josef Niedermeier & Ralf Kittmann


  • zippyflounder says:

    show me a proto moving up hill and i will be impresed…i love how “designers” just ignore the realities of power consumption/supplies.

    • Noah says:

      I agree in this case, it looks more like the kind of thing you might set up and let it just sit there and get info by moving its eye only.

  • Eric says:

    This seems remarkably complex…. A lot of things need to go into this to make it move that way, and a lot of smart ass computer programming needed for constant, consistent movements. I doubt all that could fit inside the length changing poles it’s built from… Maybe in 25 years, no?

  • pepinthewicked says:

    I think this is a really novel form of locomotion. Very cool. Zippy’s right though, it’s lacking a realistic power source. A nice fat battery in the center could do a great deal to move this.

  • Bubbles says:

    NASA has already been working on such a design for some time now…

  • VB says:

    Stolen from Nasa design – this should be removed!

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