Adidas’ New Sporty Office

I thought my office was cool until I saw the exterior of Adidas’ new corporate headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The part that really stung though, was seeing the interior… thanks to the design teams at KINZO and Kadawittfeldarchitektur, I now officially hate my office!! The new working environment features a custom, sporty, and functional furniture system they like to call “WORKOUT” … a perfect name considering the design is purely Adidas in both form and function. Hit the jump to see for yourself!

Designers: KINZO & Kadawittfeldarchitektur


  • I noticed the office design is very modern and almost looks like the new high-tech design, but I’d like to see more color in this office – it would make things even more interesting.

  • stephen russell says:

    Needs some Color, textures, TOO sterile, too hospital like.
    Otherwise great designs,

    Id work there, my kind of office ( same for Google, FB, Yahoo, etc style offices).
    Hate Hi Rises since 9-11 & 1974 movie The Towering Inferno.

  • Macy Lopez says:

    The new sporty look of Adidas office looks just how they should look. Upbeat, trendy, sporty and simple. I wouldn’t mind working under the roof of that office.

  • uopjo6 says:

    The products are the colors.

  • filcan69 says:

    i wish my office is just like that. great design

  • its good office design. we can wait this from adidas…

  • tehmina interior design diy says:

    great decorating ideas ,very modern and timeless design

  • Leo says:

    The architectural design of the building is so cool and simple. The work stations are so neat, cool and urbanize. The designs of the furniture are perfect patch for the entire structure of the building. I also like how its motif are black and white while the office items are so colorful that it stands out all over the place. Great job there.

  • Eril says:

    Thanks for share this article here,i like this website…great post guys

  • Nice minimalist-modern interior design. It is a great environment to motivate your staff!

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  • Weird, yes. But I think that’s the point of art (especially this piece): to make the viewer think.

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