Brush Can, Cleans A Fine Toothed Comb

You won’t catch me on my hands and knees sweeping with an old fashioned duster. No sir I prefer to use the power of a little wonder called the Roomba but sometimes getting manual is the only way to go and the Brush Can makes it a tad easier to keep up cleaning chores. The densely packed bristles can magically clean themselves if you pull them thru combed teeth. Also a perfect way to hold the brush in place. Brills.

Designer: Hye-Min Jung


  • pjy says:

    wow~good idea..

  • Eric says:

    Agreed, brilliant. I can already see how I would use this:
    After pulling the brush through I would sweep the bristles on the can upwards to clean them and have it fall in the can… Done in no time. Next question:
    How much?
    When?-Now please!

    • Eric says:

      Ok, ok noticed one minor little thing. Since there are bristles on the edge of the can, how do I line this can? Where is the stuff falling? I will have to dump this into a bag, and clean the can more often…Sorry, I hope this can be addressed.

      • ChrissyBean says:

        Could always have the bottom flip down for easy transfer into a dumpster/outside trashcan. Every once in a while, take it into the bathtub and rinse it out. Obviously, don’t use it for sticky/liquid things, as it would get quite messy.

  • paul sandip says:

    quite interesting! 🙂

  • Carl says:

    Am i missing something here? once i have swept up from my flat floor how do i transfer the dusty mess to the bin, bearing in mind it is curcular? is there a flat edge? (pictures are not clear to me eyes) how do i tip the bin without putting my fingers on the inside of it?
    Note to all the yanko angels, this aint a dissin ok. just need the info. throw me a frickin bone here..!

  • Olivia says:

    It’s the superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yalloo says:

    Wow!! What a wonderful!!
    your idea is so coooooooooooool, man!!
    it can be useful~~~~~~~!

  • Carl says:

    so where is the dustpan? most dustpans and brushes go together anyway,with a clip fit. they also have teeth to brushoff the debris. i cant see an advantage to this bin with a comb. Esp when good old Eric has pointed out the bag liner on the bin will cover the teeth. hence the long debate about plastics again yawn…!

  • Paul Joseph says:

    I’m not so sure about fine dust…It looks like it could get messy. How would it pick up big particles if the brush is densely packed, I would still have to run for a dustpan. (double work)

  • Carl says:

    maybe if the comb was the handle looping over? either way its hardly groundbreaking or exciting stuff.

  • sseung says:

    wow!!so attrative!!!kkkkkkkk

  • rayelle says:

    This is a very good and very useful idea! I would buy one.

  • Nick says:

    Good idea but a few things remain that need to be addressed:

    A brush alone can’t pick up dirt. A brush is meant to push dirt onto a surface (like regular dustpans).
    This product however is a cylindrical can, how am I supposed to take the dirt off the floor and into the can?

    The hair and dust in the brush looks like it would get entangled in the combed teeth, and some of it could fall outside of the can when pulling the brush through.

    Neat idea though, a good start!

  • Eric says:

    I think the dustpan is missing because the designer had two things in mind when designing.
    One: A can that can clean my brush,
    Two: the brush to be cleaned, and stored there.
    I don’t think they really closed their eyes and tried to imagine actually using the item in day to day use. Therefore we get pretty images of a product not entirely thought out yet.
    I think we can all agree that it does have real potential though yes? The dustpan was the least of my concerns cause I would really hate not having a liner in the can. I guess they can use this opportunity though to design in a dustpan with the same holder/cleaner attributes…. Maybe recess a liner rim or something? Anyway, it’s going somewhere!
    Last thing: Could the bottom of the can be “suctioned” to the floor? I can already tell I will have to use my free hand to hold the can when pulling the brush through with “stuff” in it. Just another observation of imagining its use!

  • jin_woo_han says:

    I agree with some opnion of Eric.
    Btw, It so nice idea, very potential

  • Cromagnum says:

    I can see this useful for painting

    1) for detail work when you only want a small amount of paint.
    2) for cleaning the brush after painting

    This would sell well in volume at the BORG (Big Orange Retail Giant)

    I have a harder time seeing the need to often de-lint a broom or sweeping device. Also too much competition (in the US) from Swiffer

    I could see one Ex-governor Blago who could use this for his comb-over

  • Pria says:

    Is this for real!! I can't believe this….

  • Pria says:

    Is this for real!! I can't believe this….

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