Introducing…… the world’s first 3D printed twin-tip skateboard! This early example of future recreational production was formed in 3 sections joined with connector pins for additional strength and durability. It’s not quite ready to shred the stairs, but it’s a great beginners board with lots of possibilities for cool, custom 3D graphics and shapes. Check out the video to see the entire production process!

Designer: Sam Abbott

Designer: Sam Abbott


  • Miguel says:

    In my humble opinion, 3d printing is great when it challenge by itself the way things are produced now, and sorry to say it but… There is no challenge here, this can also be donde in another material,, cheaper, faster and maybe even more functional, therefore I think at if the skateboard would be done in one piece omitting or including al the mechanical pieces, the project would stand by itself with a stronger argument on the benefits the 3d printing can bring to the way thing can be made in the future.

  • Connor says:

    I believe that this a great example of how 3D printing can be used to customize everyday items in an aesthetic manner. However, the seams in the plastic worry me in regard to holding up under normal conditions.

  • nayro says:

    First slide on a rail = broken Neck … genius :-/

    obliviously this designer don´t now anything about skateboards/skateboarding….

  • Gabriel says:

    so unnecessary. this is not what Industrial design is about.

  • Areksu says:

    Agreed.. producing it like this looks like waste of machine-time ::)

    Also, the bottom part is often used for sliding.. on rails, or edges… which can be difficult with a bottom surface like that.

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