Silent Energy

Silent Energy is an interactive exhibition concept that helps us become aware of energy usage. The amount of energy we use has a direct effect on overall consumption. We usually think of energy as invisible so if that veil were lifted, and every moment clearly visualized, we’d might think twice about leaving lights on, turning off appliances, etc. This energy awareness is an important tool for all of us to learn if we’re to practice the first part of this mantra; reduce, recycle, reuse.

Designer: Jannis Huelsen


  • Nacon says:

    ok but….







    (what’s with the chair and the meter?)

  • BlackFeather says:

    So…. is that supposed to capture flatulence or something? Convert the heat and chemical energy into electricity?

  • ModuleS says:

    Makes perfect sense to me and I think this is a great concept.

    It looks like the chair is measuring the W/s.

  • TH says:

    Well, according to the pictures, the chair (as well as the sofa, bed and computer keyboard) have piezoelectronic components, which generate a small amount of electricity when moved (pressed down). So you sit on the chair, the top of the chair gets pushed down and that creates a burst of electricity that can be measured with that meter that’s bolted on.

    I think it is a nice idea for an exhibition piece.

  • Shiella says:

    I love the idea…Very creative…

  • badkarma says:

    it would make more sense as blackfeather said: capture the methane, convert it to energy. we already know we are a wasteful society, give something back!

  • krees says:

    I think it’s brilliant. It appears that everything we do all day creates energy, from sitting (our weight), to using video games (the force of the controllers), to using water (hydroelectricity on a micro scale). This exhibit, I believe, is showing that we could potentially capture all this (currently) wasted energy.

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